Quote of the Day – A Girl and Her Gun (12/15/2011)

This blog has very accurately chronicled my journey and with the help of my friends, family, my internal will and “these” gun people, I am no longer a terrified woman unable to function.

I am happy again. I am more secure in my own skin than I have been.

(Emphasis mine)

A Girl and Her GunSomeone Doesn’t Like Me

[Seriously go read the whole thing.  What has the anti rights crowed ever offered a woman in the same position?  What does the Brady Bunch, CSGV, and the rest of them offer this woman to allow her to gain her life back.

Gunnies reach out and help, many of us have seen that terror ourselves first hand or in the eyes of someone we know and care for.  Even if we haven’t, we have the empathy when we see it to know it could just as easily be someone we know.  We thrive off of empowering people to be the masters of their own destiny.  Empowering them to say no with with such conviction as to preserve their own lives as well that of any possible future victim.

Find me a single instance where any of the gun grabbers have produced a result like the above.  The anti rights cultists aren’t for stopping violence, they thrive on it.  It’s how they peddle their lies and push their legislation that would serve to disarm us and prevent us from living free but in fear.  Their goals are to destroy the freedom and comfort that people like A Girl and Her Gun have found after being an actual victim of violence.  

As I said in her comments, stories such as this fill me with joy.  While I’m sad for her trauma, I’m glad that our community, as it so often does, provided her safety and comfort while training her how to live free after discovering a wolf in the pack. -B]

h/t Say Uncle

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6 Responses to Quote of the Day – A Girl and Her Gun (12/15/2011)

  1. tcallahan1982 says:

    It is, I believe, one of the core principles that separate self-sufficient or capable people from co-dependent people.

    Our community is built on mutual self-reliance. We extend mutual aid with respect, most of the time, because it is extended from one sovereign entity to another. Co-dependent persons NEED the support of other, more powerful entities at all times; because this is baseline to them, there cannot be exchange of aid between sovereign entities.

    Self-reliant persons exchange mutual aid as allies. Co-dependent persons either grant aid as rulers or receive aid as vassals. In a bureaucracy, this happens in stages (each level acts as ruler to the lower level, vassal to the higher level).

    As a group, the self-reliant persons do not accept the arrangement, which is confusing to the co-dependent. By refusing the aid that they deign to grant us, we threaten (in their minds) their authority, placing ourselves (again, in their mind) above them. Every story like A Girl and her Gun’s in one more person realizing there is a way other than co-dependency. THAT is why they are threatened by us, and that is why we are winning.

    Sorry Barron, I hijacked your blog. I need to start writing at my own place again.

    • No problem, I have a feeling something in there is probably going to end up as a quote of the day.

      It’s the same puzzle from a different angle that I hadn’t thought of.

    • Robert Slaughter says:

      Very thoughtful and well-said. Could make an excellent blog-post, or even a book.

  2. Robert Slaughter says:

    “Seriously go read the whole thing.” Hear hear!

    And I liked the comment you left on her blog, well said.

  3. Agirlandhergun says:

    Thank you so much for your comments and support. It’s funny that today is the day I had time to read your blog. I have been trying to read everyone’s and have enjoyed it but it has taken some time, anyway, just today I was telling my husband that this community is a rare one, exactly for the reasons you have stated.

    To find people who are secure enough to empower another human being and not to hold them down speaks volumes to the kind of character and value they posses.

    I am very lucky to have found those kind of people.

    It really has been invaluable.

    Thank you again!

    • Thank you for helping shine a light on the type of people we are.  It’s not often someone actually writes about it from your perspective.

      I’ve been meaning to and hopefully later today I’ll get around to adding you to the blog roll.