SSCC #211 – Gulfport MI

A police department spokesman has confirmed a citizen complaint that an officer shot a pit bull, chained in its yard, while narcotics officers executed a search warrant on 20th Street Monday afternoon.

See, evidently this cop felt that confinement wasn’t enough for his personal safety.  As always they shot the dog, properly restrained or not.  Why is this a criminal count though?  Well had anyone else done this it would be classified as animal cruelty given the dog was restrained and as such no reasonable person would have a reason to fear for their life.  Not to mention this little fact.

Turner said she was visiting her mother’s home and she and her 3-year-old daughter were about three feet from the dog when an officer aimed his gun at the Spook, a 3-year-old dog the family has had since he was a puppy.

Sounds like the officer was bored and wanted to shock and awe.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 211:  John Doe

Because shooting dogs is what you do when you want to kill something and when it’s chained it’s like shooting fish in a barrel since no justification is required.

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