SSCC #214 – Covington LA

A Covington police officer, the subject of two police brutality investigations, resigned Tuesday, just after he appeared in a St. Tammany Parish courtroom and admitted choking a city resident during a traffic stop and leaving him handcuffed in the back of a patrol cruiser for “an inordinate amount of time.”

Well he was caught and brought before the bar so it’s an honorable mention then right. Wrong!

Driscoll was ordered to resign from the Covington Police Department and forbidden from holding a law enforcement position for the duration of his probation.

He was forced to resign, why would that be!? Oh that’s right, if he was fired it could affect his future prospects for a job in law enforcement.  Instead of doing what was best for the public and law abiding citizens he abuses they protect the out of control officer.  Dollars to doughnuts he goes and gets a job in Canton after this.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 214: Eric Driscoll

Because beating up civilians and throwing them in the back of a cruiser is only a problem if you get caught.  You’ll get a light slap on the wrist to make the public feel better.  Don’t worry you’ll be back to work in no time.

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