SSCC #215 – Orange County FL

An Orange County Deputy was in jail Tuesday night after he was accused of molesting a disabled woman. The victim said she was scared for her life because Deputy William Martinez was in full uniform and armed with a gun at the time.

Another officer who not only found another victim while on the job, but used his position to intimidate the victim into compliance.  Given the fact that citizens have to just endure illegal searches and mistreatment by the police under protection of law it’s no wonder this type of behavior exists.

This man is a full count no matter his punishment short of death.  The department and the legal system acted to provide him the protections he needed to be invulnerable to his prey.  Are all cops like this?  No, but there are cops like this out there so why is the law protecting them while violating the citizenry.  While a cop has every right to go home at the end of his shift, the law abiding citizen has more of a right to remain unmolested and unventilated.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #215: William Martinez

Because the real reason for all those LEO protections is to make sure the criminals can hide in plain sight with impunity.

h/t Uncle on the reason article.

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