Accountabilibuddyable: Louisville KY

One should always try to end the year on a high note, so I was pleased as punch when I saw this come across my twitter feed.

A Louisville man has reached a $750,000 settlement with a former police officer who twice arrested him on domestic violence charges but failed to disclose a romantic relationship with the alleged victim.

So cop was sleeping with a mans wife and arrested the husband on domestic violence numerous times.  It is worth noting that the husband plead guilty to the first incident while prosecutors then dropped the second incident after discovering the relationship.  I don’t know the details on the plea so it is very well possible that they were going after him for something quite bad and he took the plea in fear.  For those who don’t think that happens the way it works is prosecutors will often fire well beyond what they can effectively prove in the hopes of getting a plea agreement. 

I’m glad to see that it appears the officer in question is liable for the settlement, though he has moved to a new town and it is quite possible he is still a law enforcement officer since he resigned instead of being fired.

Michael Delbert Bonzo is being (mostly) held Accountabilibuddyable.  More like this please.

Because if you see a chick you like and she’s married, arrest the husband on domestic violence charges.  That way you can get some one on one time with her.

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