SSCC #227 – Fort Worth

Here’s another one, this one from Bob S.

A Fort Worth police officer is off the job — not only charged with DWI, but investigators say he was driving around shooting a handgun with a convicted felon.

I do find it interesting that he’s not being charged on any other firearms violations than just giving a firearm to a felon.  Nothing for the negligence or recklessness involved in the incident.  However I did notice this little line.

Officer Gonzalez is 35 years old. He joined the force in 2002. He’s been placed on restrictive duty.

Evidently this department has a history of DWI with officers to boot.  With 12 since 2008, one of which caused a fatal crash, that averages out to be 3 a year.  Then to add further icing to the cake:

More than a dozen Fort Worth police officers have been disciplined for DWI since 2008; many of them were fired, and one of them was responsible for causing a fatal crash.

Many, not all, were fired.  Such fine an exemplary men they have in Fort Worth to protect the public from the injuries and deaths caused by DWI.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 226: Officer Daniel Gonzalez

Because when you want to have a good time nothing beats vandalism of public property, while driving drunk, and handing a gun to your felon buddy.  You’re a cop, what could go wrong!

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