SSCC #235–New York

It still is unclear why a drunken off-duty state trooper allegedly kicked his way into a Utica home early Saturday and began assaulting the homeowner, authorities said.

Well how bad could it have really been?

“The family basically heard a loud pounding on the front door, they called 911, and the person continued to bang on the door,” Utica police Chief Mark Williams said, according to police reports. “Miller then kicked the door in to gain entry, and he started coming toward the homeowner when the homeowner tried defending himself to protect his family, his home and a child in the house.”

As usual in these types of instances the officer has been placed on administrative leave.  That way he can resign and maintain his prospects for future employment.  Seriously what does it take to get fired immediately?  I might not care if it wasn’t for the resignation game.

A note for the home owner, get a gun, learn how to use it.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 235: Jesse Miller

Because when a cop decides to break into a house while drunk and assault the residents, no immediate action is necessary.

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One Response to SSCC #235–New York

  1. Jake says:

    And, of course…

    “I think we’re just cautiously going through this whole thing,” Williams
    said, when asked if Miller’s police employment had anything to do with
    why he hasn’t yet been charged. “We just want to make sure that we do
    everything appropriately here, and we’re not treating this any
    differently than we would if he wasn’t a trooper.”

    Never mind the fact that anyone else would have been charged before even being taken out of the house, “we’re not treating this any differently!”

    I’d spit in disgust, but I don’t want to mess up your floor.

    The real question is, how difficult would it be for him to legally get a gun in Utica? Doesn’t NY state vary by county (and if it’s “may issue”, I’m sure he’ll never be able to get one, now)?