SSCC Honorable Mention–Seattle PD 01/05/2012

Seriously with the way Seattle PD and the Seattle City Attorney are behaving when crap like this happens I’m both happy and pissed off.

After more than a year of bruising news, the Seattle Police Department found itself reeling Thursday after a veteran officer died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound hours after being arrested in an undercover drug sting.

So I’m happy that a corrupt officer has finally been held accountable, doubly so he did it to himself with the barrel of his own gun saving the public the costs of prosecuting him.  Now why would I be pissed off I hear you ask, well that’s simple.

“This is a tremendous tragedy,” Deputy Chief Nick Metz said at a somber news conference Thursday evening at police headquarters.

Know what a tragedy is Chief Metz?  The abuses your department is delivering to the law abiding public, the behavior of your police officers, and the all out corruption displayed by your department.  Then again maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, maybe he was innocent and just caught in the cross fire.

On Wednesday, as part of a so-called “integrity test,” an undercover officer from another agency working in the Rainier Valley approached Nelson and gave him a purse that contained cocaine, Metz said.

Unknown to Nelson, he was under surveillance by detectives watching to see if he booked the cocaine into evidence.

“He did not do that,” Metz said.

The officer was followed in his car after work and stopped by police just outside the city limits.

“There was a search, and we found a quantity of the narcotics,” Metz said.

Well there went the caught in the crossfire theory.  There is a time to stand up and say, “We Fucked Up! Here’s what we did wrong, this is how we’re fixing it.”  This department lacks the ability to air its dirty laundry and continues to act as if for some reason it is exempt from the rules of lawful behavior.  It appears that Deputy Chief Metz is just considering this a tragedy because the guy got caught and then committed suicide propelling the incident to the front page. 

State Sponsored Criminal Count HM: Deputy Chief Nick Metz

Because it’s a tragedy when one of our officers gets caught, doubly so when he does something to cause it to end up in the news.

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