Quote of the Day–Robb Allen (01/13/2012)

Numbers don’t mean as much as the blogger’s personal reputation with his or her readers.

Robb AllanThat’s a Nice Grouping You Have There

[I saw it when Uncle posted it earlier today.  My immediate thought was of the recent Ocean Marketing fiascoWizardPC pulls some numbers on the person complaining.  Ultimately the blogosphere is now proceeding to nail his ass to a wall.  Since it’s already in process, why would I bother to comment?

Well that quote above is just too damn good to let slip by.  There are some folks, as Robb said, who have done some pretty nasty things to the community.  Just because you have a limited readership doesn’t mean you don’t have influence.  I have a small readership, and those of you who read, thank you.  Even though it’s small, I do know that many of those who read also listen.

I try to remain in my comfort area where I’m knowledgeable and I strive to avoid ruffling feathers or “stomping on peoples junk” as I like to call it.  The bottom line is I subscribe to a few philosophies that make me listened to.

First, Integrity once lost cannot be regained.  No matter how hard I try, once I’ve done the damage I can never completely undo it.

Second:  I try to make sure that when I speak I have something to say.  If people are spending the time to read what I write, by god I better give them something for their time.

So just because you have 1000 readers doesn’t make you the be all end all.  Just the same just because you have 50 readers a day doesn’t mean that you’re a nobody with 0 impact.  Fact is if those 50 readers carry significant weight you’re single placed marking round will land an artillery barrage right on target. –B]

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