SSCC #242–Unknown

Anyone who has a name or department for this incident please contact me immediately.  I will personally call the department to find out what actions are being taken.  This guy ranks up there with Officer Roid rage, though not quite as bad.

Update: Evidently this is a prank funded by the taxpayer.  The city council investigated and found no wrong doing despite the misuse of public property.  How nice.  Maybe I should be come a cop to play pranks on the public dime.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 242: John Doe

Because when someone exercises their constitutional rights they must be a “cock sucker”

*I know it sounds like this was around the Charleston area.  More info would be greatly appreciated.

via Spike in GBC

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6 Responses to SSCC #242–Unknown

  1. Tango ognaT says:

    It’s fake.  I saw this video about 4-5 months ago.  It was paired with about 4-5 different scenarios involving the same people.

  2. Tango ognaT says:

    Also, I disagree with this being SSCC.  He’s got freedom of speech as much as you do and while he did “lose his shit” over the deal, he respected the man’s rights.

    • He disrespected the mans rights as an agent of the state.

      If that’s his attitude towards someone exercising their rights he has no business in law enforcement.

      Would you say Harless was just exercising his rights? It is harassment of the public by sworn officers and it was an attempt at intimidation.

      • Tango ognaT says:

        Big difference, threatening to kill someone and calling them a “cocksucker”

        • Not when there’s the same threat of implied violence from the state behind the words.  He threatened the guy to get out of there right now.  It also sounded like he hadn’t returned his license yet if you listen carefully.

          Government is force, and he was wearing a uniform as he said it. If he wants to rant against the 4th amendment do it on his own time out of uniform as himself. Not as an agent of the state who is implying the use of force against those he dislikes.