Quotes of the Day–Joe Huffman and Jennifer (01/17/2012)

There is very little to be gained by engaging them. Point out the absurdities of their claims on our own and public turf then let them fade away into the dustbin of history.

Joe HuffmanQuote of the Day – Sebastian

January 17, 2012

[This is a twofer for a reason since it’s all closely related.  I did exactly what Joe says above right here for the rest of the world to see.  Some have implied I wasted my time* and that there is no point arguing with Joan.  They’re right, and as I said here there is no point arguing with Joan.  So was it a waste of time?]

No, Joan’s comments didn’t have any adverse effect on me, but they might have on someone that’s had similar experiences to mine.  I put my experiences out there for those who have not yet gotten to a place where they can.  You didn’t just cover my six; you showed them you’ve got theirs too.

JenniferReply to Well That Was Unexpected

January 17, 2012

[As I said yesterday,

If I have one actual weakness it’s that I have a nasty habit of standing up to defend my friends.  Even if that means I need to drop kick a pig that wants to roll in the mud.  If that’s a weakness though, I find it a good one to have.

Yeah, I can live with that as a weakness.

I did not waste time arguing with Joan on her own site.  I did not waste time trying to jump through her hoops for approval.  I walked out in to the middle of the street and called her out for all to see, I did it here on my own site.  I exposed her hypocrisy, attitudes, and her actions that prove how horrible her and her position is.  I did it where the comments were open for anyone to participate.  While doing so I was also stepping up and  to help some friends.  It helped one more than I realized it would at the time I wrote it.

I often say I do this for me.  Well I do, if I don’t give out free ice cream well so what.  I don’t get paid, I pay hosting fees out of pocket, so why would I waste my time arguing with the likes of Joan Peterson?  I wouldn’t and never have.  What I have done is step up to tell my friends I have their back and help expose to the world the evil that she is. 

Honestly I don’t know if anyone like Jennifer talks about has been or will be helped by my post.  I have to to yield to Jennifer’s experience which is far beyond my own in this realm.  I would like to think it would and I can certainly see how.  Ultimately though Jennifer’s point is irrelevant.  It’s irrelevant because it did help a friend, and it helped her through the healing process of her own story.

Waste of time?  I think not, it was absolutely worth every second spent. –B]

*He actually hated both the post and the video so much he closed the thread.

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