SSCC #247–Dona Ana County

Stephen Slevin was arrested in August of 2005 for driving while intoxicated, then thrown in jail for two years. He was in solitary at Dona Ana County Jail for his entire sentence and basically forgotten about and never given a trial, he told NBC station Tuesday night.

Go read the whole story.  It is down right despicable and is a prime example of a Title 18.242 violation.  This story also strikes a personal chord with me as it is reminiscent of a story from my father.

“He was driving through New Mexico and arrested for a DWI, and he allegedly was in a stolen vehicle. Well, it was a car he had borrowed from a friend; a friend had given him a car to drive across the country,” Coyte said.

So if all of those statements were true, why didn’t they place him on trial.  There’s a reason my dad when traveling would avoid New Mexico.  If he had to drive across the state he would stop at the border, piss on New Mexico, and drive non-stop to the other side.

You see when my dad was fresh out of the service after his first hitch he decided to travel to California.  He stopped in a rest stop to catch a nap before continuing on.  He awoke to a New Mexico sheriff tapping on his window.  The sheriff runs my dads information.  It comes back with a hold.  Not positive for warrants, not indicating anything illegal, just hold this individual until further contact.  The officer promptly slams my dad to the ground, hand cuffs him, and throws him in the back of his squad car.  They toss him in a jail cell and then proceed to rip apart his car.  When I say tear apart, we’re talking some reassembly required.  After my dad was sitting in the jail cell for 2 hours and he hears the phone ring.  The conversation he could hear went like this:

“Yes we have TOMM, he’s sitting in a jail cell right now.”

“Because someone said to hold him so we assumed he’s in trouble.”

“Oh he hasn’t done anything wrong, we just heard to hold him.”

“Well we’re holding him against his will now.”

“We will let TOMM go immediately.”

So it ends up that was the NCIS making sure my dad wasn’t being held against his will.  The hold was to ensure that my father hadn’t been kidnapped or otherwise being pressured for secrets.  They tossed my dad out of the jail cell, left his car ripped apart, and left him to put it back together.  That’s a sign of some really honest hard working cops there.

Obviously the state of New Mexico likes this behavior otherwise they would publicly flog individuals responsible for the types of atrocities committed against Stephen Slevin.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 247: The entire Dona Ana County Jail force

Because deprivation of rights doesn’t exist when you are the law.

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  1. Agirlandhergun says:

    Two very disturbing stories.

    • Yup, there are only two reasons I’ll visit New Mexico.  The first is to go to Philmont, it was a blast the last time I went.  The second would be to visit the Nerds.

      Even then it is now ingrained that I will piss on that state every chance I get.  Which I just realized I did a lot while I was in the back country at Philmont.