Been Busy

I got tied up at work and in a meeting yesterday.  I meant to do some blogging when I got home but just couldn’t find the strength to push out some free ice cream.  I’m pretty exhausted still from the long meetings I had the past couple days so I may not get around to writing any posts tonight.

In the meantime here’s some videos that are well worth your time.  The first of which is explains in detail why I felt “Fake It” was fitting for Wednesday’s ear worm.

CATO nails it as they oh so often do. (via RNS)

The second I found initially via Joe.

I have nothing to add to that video.  It was short, quick, concise, and nails the truth on the head.

I’ll try and throw up an SSCC tonight when I get home, I do have a stack in my notes currently, but I’m not sure I’m going to want to sit in front of my computer.

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