SSCC #253–Milwaukee

By far this is the worst instance I have seen.  The story is down right disturbing.

A young woman in Milwaukee called the cops when someone threw a brick through her window. One of the cops who came to help raped her.

As if that alone wasn’t bad enough.

She took her story to the Milwaukee District Attorney’s office. A prosecutor subsequently wrote, “While I did find the victim’s version of events credible, I did not believe that her testimony would be strong enough to successfully prosecute Officer Cates.”

Eventually the victim got the feds involved.  The federal prosecutor immediately found enough to prosecute. 

As the case headed for trial, Gina Barton of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Cates had been investigated for illegal behavior on five previous occasions, three of them involving sexual misconduct. Two of those were with prisoners. The third was with a 16 year-old and that case had been referred to the Milwaukee district attorney’s office, which declined to prosecute. The priors came as no surprise to the 19-year-old who was now accusing him of raping her while he somehow remained employed as a cop.

Especially since there was a history with this officer as well.  Except that history couldn’t be used in the trial.  This is by no means hearsay or dragging a good man’s name through the gutter because a jury of his peers convicted him. 

A jury on Wednesday found fired Milwaukee police officer Ladmarald Cates guilty of violating a woman’s civil rights by raping her after he responded to her 911 call in July 2010.

Anything less than life in prison is too dang short.  This predator went into law enforcement to seek out victims.  Local law enforcement protected him and did their best to stop victims from pursuing action against this monster.  I’m not one to wish ill or harm to others, but that’s one individual I wouldn’t mind seeing get some serious special treatment in the shower.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 253:  Lamarald Cates

Because when a woman calls for help what’s she’s really doing is asking you to rape her, at least according to Milwaukee PD.

h/t Uncle, and Jennifer says something about it here.

*I may take a few days off the criminal count.  This one made me unbelievably angry, upset, and even physically ill.  That such a monster like that could 1) serve, 2) be protected by his fellow officers, and 3) be protected by the local prosecutorial authorities is down right sickening.  Every last one of them shares responsibility.

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4 Responses to SSCC #253–Milwaukee

  1. Jennifer says:

    This certainly the worst I’ve seen. In fact, it may jump your count up a little higher if you include the people that covered for him.  Really sickening.  I really hope she can find peace and healing.

  2. Ben C says:

    The prosecutor that failed to do right is complicit in this.  That asshole’s name should make your list as well.

  3. Jake says:

    This is not just a bad cop. This is a bad department, and a bad DA’s office. The problem is not fixable without firing every cop in the city (all the way to the top brass, including any elected positions) and every attorney in the prosecutor’s office, including any elected ones, and banning all of them for life from any job involving the legal system whatsoever.

    The ones directly involved deserve a public hanging.

  4. I really want to include them, but to nail every last one of these ass hats to the count would just blow the number through the roof.

    The bottom line is though it’s the state sponsored criminal count… not the enabler count.  Those people are guilty of crimes no doubt, but the one in the count basically was sponsored by the state by the actions of these other individuals.

    Personally if I find the name of the prosecutor that refused the case, he will be placed on the count for aiding and abetting.