Quote of the Day–Terry Sanford (02/04/2012)

As one of the thirteen original colonies, North Carolina maintains the moral and legal concept that the right to keep and bear sporting arms is one of the fundamental privileges granted by our American Democracy.

This privilege should be infringed upon only when deemed necessary, through the will of the people in a democratic nation, to insure public safety or to prescribe the manner of taking game. We do not anticipate any legislation abrogating these premises.

Terry Sanford, Governor of North Carolina – Guns Magazine, February Issue 1962, Page 4

[Oh that whole statement is full of so many different individual falsehoods it’s not even funny.  First this is “history” as this article is out of 1962, however it’s recent history.  Doubly so since this statement was given just prior to the GCA of 1968.  This whole statement remains relevant because this is how many of our opponents view the Second Amendment.

Lets start off with the fact he considers the right to arms a privilege.  It isn’t a privilege, it’s a fundamental right that is specifically enumerated by the bill of rights for protection from the state.  Second we don’t live in a Democracy, we live in a Constitutional Republic where the law serves to protect everyone equally, not just the mob. 

If you’re confused by the difference, watch this, I’ll even embed it below just to make it even easier.   Seriously, it is worth the 10 minutes.  

Our constitution exists to protect the rights from the people.  With the fact he considers the right a privilege his disrespect dissolves further into the classic claim used to infringe upon a right. That claim is necessity.  He uses necessity as the validation for infringing on a right.  Necessity however does not allow or expunge the fact that inalienable rights are not for the government to take or a mob of people to take.  Even when the people are tricked into thinking that it is better for them to surrender that right for the greater good, that right cannot be surrendered.

These two complaints are also independent of the fact that his being elected governor of one of the original thirteen colonies makes him think that some how his argument carries further weight in establishing it as a privilege not a right.

Remember, even now there are those who believe that the enumerated right to “Keep and Bear Arms” as affirmed by Heller and McDonald is still just a privilege.  Not only is it just a privilege, but one that could be revoked if they could just get rid of that pesky Second Amendment.  -B

h/t David Codrea]

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