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I’m working on some other projects right now along with getting some other stuff done on my “honey do list”.  So instead enjoy this video.

Don’t play with explosives unless you know what you’re doing and understand how dangerous it is.

SSCC #263–El Paso

This right here is just classic!

El Paso, Texas County Commissioner Willie Gandara Jr. was arrested late Wednesday on federal drug-trafficking charges. Few details have been released, but according to a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) spokeswoman, the investigation involves multiple agencies.

Ok a county commissioner was selling drugs, why is it classic though!?  This is why!

Back in September 2011, Gandara harshly criticized drug legalization in an official statement:

Legalizing drugs is the coward practice of combating cartels, it is an insult to our men and women in law enforcement, and the laziest form of parenting our children and youth about the effects of drugs.

Nice, he was pushing prohibition to protect his enterprise.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 263: Willie Gandara Jr.

Because the real reason you become an elected politician is so you can build an enterprise and make it illegal for everyone else!

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Do Nothing and Wait

[sarcasm]Yeah that’s a winning plan in my book.[/sarcasm]

A Cobb Community Transit driver, stabbed while trying to break up a fight on his bus, has been suspended pending further investigation because he didn’t follow “protocol,” a county spokeswoman confirmed Wednesday.

Evidently the crime in question centered around a cell phone she borrowed and then refused to return.  One, don’t let people borrow your cell phone.  Second, while it is dangerous to get into a physical altercation with anyone, it is also useless to sit around an do nothing letting the criminal work with impunity.

If the driver is willing to take the risk that is his choice.

How many times do we have to see doing nothing absolutely fail before people will understand waiting does nothing to solve the problem?  All waiting does is allow it the problem to grow.

h/t Uncle

Quote of the Day – Joe Huffman (2/23/2012)

Can you imagine the outcry if the government demanded you fill out
the equivalent of a 4473 and undergo a NICS check before purchasing a
printer for your computer, start a blog, or write a letter to the

The Second Amendment deserves as much or more respect than the First Amendment and we need to get that point across.

Joe HuffmanRandom Thought of the Day

February 22, 2012

[Yup, though there is someone right now that is quite upset with me.  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind making me fill out paperwork before every blog post.  They feel I’m a detriment to the RKBA community, and overall shouldn’t be blogging.  Where have I heard that before

It is very easy to spot bigotry in the attitudes of people like that.  They want freedom for them, but not for anyone else.  Also as usual they provide a list of insults and problems and don’t actually cite any of it.  -B]

SSCC #262–Spokane


Image courtesy of Robb Allen found via JayG

A Spokane police officer fired in 2009 after driving drunk while off duty, hitting a pickup with his truck and leaving the scene of the collision is likely to be rehired and get more than two years of back pay.

Wait, he did what and this is acceptable for a police officer.  Why would they do such a thing?

Bob Dunn, Thoma’s attorney, said Thoma had a disability – alcoholism – that resulted from stress from his job. He argued that the police department knew Thoma struggled with alcoholism and didn’t try to get him help. Thoma filed a complaint about his firing with the Washington State Human Rights Commission soon after he was terminated.

So how much do taxpayers get to pay this criminal?

Thoma also would be paid about $275,000 for back pay and benefits, and the city will pay his attorney $15,000. The back pay is based on the amount he earned as a sergeant.

So isn’t that nice.  Remember if you’re going to commit a crime, become a cop first.  This by the way is the prime definition of a state sponsored criminal count.

State Sponsored Criminal Cop #262: Sergeant Brad Thoma

Because when you commit a DUI and a hit and run and you’re a police officer, just blame it on alcoholism that way you’re disabled.

Ear Worm Wednesday – 2/22/2012

Here’s a treat for ya.

Smoke and Blunder is Right

As I have said before, don’t be a dick.  It never works out well for you and more often than not it bites you quite squarely on the ass.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, a new kid on the block came out today and shoved their own foot down their throat.  Now initially I didn’t really see a need to comment on this because Uncle jumped on it and many others have blogged about it as well.  What got me though was this comment from Tango through a DM.  

The forum link? “You must be a member.” Become a member and it forwards you to The High Road.

Wait, it did what!?  You join, providing a username and password, and then it sends you to another website where you have to use a different username and password.  Immediately upon reading that alarm bells started going off.  Many people have a nasty habit of using the same credentials across multiple websites, but you reading this know better, right?

So my immediate conclusion from that type of behavior is that they are farming credentials, why I am unsure.  But it is obvious that they are engaging in some back handed dealing listing people who aren’t members, thus inducing them to sign up to complain, or inducing others to join thinking the site is legitimate because of the trusted membership.

Miguel went and did a nice post showing exactly what type of user listing I’m talking about.  Those are the types of prominent users that would instill trust, trust that might cause you to sign up for a membership.  Of course being a blogger, you would probably use your blog handle and very possibly the password for your blog if you do that bad thing of the same password across multiple sites.

If you signed up for a membership with these numb-nuts I suggest changing all your other passwords if you violated that rule.  This site is anything but trustworthy and by their actions thus far makes them a house of ill repute.  This is all speculation but given the facts as presently seen, I would be concerned if I had any transactions regarding secure credentials with them.

If you need a good password manager, I suggest KeePass which also has an Andriod Application. 

So Smart it Had to Come From The Government – Quote of the Day Edition

So the bottom line is that if I remove the doors from the shed I can
store 18,000 pounds of explosives. If I put the doors on I can only
store 50 pounds.

It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s just a government rule.

Joe HuffmanIt’s a Government Rule! It doesn’t have to make sense.

February 20, 2012

[So when Joe first told me about this, a while ago, I sat there dumbfounded for 30 minutes trying to reason why.  Joe misspoke with an extra 0 on the doors off number when he told me, but if the closest habitable area was another 50 feet away he would have been correct.

For those who have never been to the Taj, the outer building is your standard garden style storage shed.  The walls and doors are about 1/16th of an inch thick, if that, and are just aluminum.  Prey tell, what in the name of Zeus’s butthole is an extra 16th inch of aluminum going to do between a 50lbs detonation and a 18500lbs detonation.  About the only thing I can think of is in the former they might still be solid, in the latter they shall be rendered to their molecular components.

Remember this though whenever someone says there should be a law, a rule, or the government should have the power to do “X”.  They may be well intentioned but eventually well intentioned is lost and what we are left with is a steaming pile of bull dung that we have no choice but to deal with.  Also remember most of those who argue for rules and regulations aren’t going to have to deal with the idiocy to begin with.

I’m also working on a followup to this, lets just say as of yesterday the clock is still ticking.  -B]