Quote of the Day–Terry Sanford (02/04/2012)

As one of the thirteen original colonies, North Carolina maintains the moral and legal concept that the right to keep and bear sporting arms is one of the fundamental privileges granted by our American Democracy.

This privilege should be infringed upon only when deemed necessary, through the will of the people in a democratic nation, to insure public safety or to prescribe the manner of taking game. We do not anticipate any legislation abrogating these premises.

Terry Sanford, Governor of North Carolina – Guns Magazine, February Issue 1962, Page 4

[Oh that whole statement is full of so many different individual falsehoods it’s not even funny.  First this is “history” as this article is out of 1962, however it’s recent history.  Doubly so since this statement was given just prior to the GCA of 1968.  This whole statement remains relevant because this is how many of our opponents view the Second Amendment.

Lets start off with the fact he considers the right to arms a privilege.  It isn’t a privilege, it’s a fundamental right that is specifically enumerated by the bill of rights for protection from the state.  Second we don’t live in a Democracy, we live in a Constitutional Republic where the law serves to protect everyone equally, not just the mob. 

If you’re confused by the difference, watch this, I’ll even embed it below just to make it even easier.   Seriously, it is worth the 10 minutes.  

Our constitution exists to protect the rights from the people.  With the fact he considers the right a privilege his disrespect dissolves further into the classic claim used to infringe upon a right. That claim is necessity.  He uses necessity as the validation for infringing on a right.  Necessity however does not allow or expunge the fact that inalienable rights are not for the government to take or a mob of people to take.  Even when the people are tricked into thinking that it is better for them to surrender that right for the greater good, that right cannot be surrendered.

These two complaints are also independent of the fact that his being elected governor of one of the original thirteen colonies makes him think that some how his argument carries further weight in establishing it as a privilege not a right.

Remember, even now there are those who believe that the enumerated right to “Keep and Bear Arms” as affirmed by Heller and McDonald is still just a privilege.  Not only is it just a privilege, but one that could be revoked if they could just get rid of that pesky Second Amendment.  -B

h/t David Codrea]

SSCC #253–Milwaukee

By far this is the worst instance I have seen.  The story is down right disturbing.

A young woman in Milwaukee called the cops when someone threw a brick through her window. One of the cops who came to help raped her.

As if that alone wasn’t bad enough.

She took her story to the Milwaukee District Attorney’s office. A prosecutor subsequently wrote, “While I did find the victim’s version of events credible, I did not believe that her testimony would be strong enough to successfully prosecute Officer Cates.”

Eventually the victim got the feds involved.  The federal prosecutor immediately found enough to prosecute. 

As the case headed for trial, Gina Barton of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Cates had been investigated for illegal behavior on five previous occasions, three of them involving sexual misconduct. Two of those were with prisoners. The third was with a 16 year-old and that case had been referred to the Milwaukee district attorney’s office, which declined to prosecute. The priors came as no surprise to the 19-year-old who was now accusing him of raping her while he somehow remained employed as a cop.

Especially since there was a history with this officer as well.  Except that history couldn’t be used in the trial.  This is by no means hearsay or dragging a good man’s name through the gutter because a jury of his peers convicted him. 

A jury on Wednesday found fired Milwaukee police officer Ladmarald Cates guilty of violating a woman’s civil rights by raping her after he responded to her 911 call in July 2010.

Anything less than life in prison is too dang short.  This predator went into law enforcement to seek out victims.  Local law enforcement protected him and did their best to stop victims from pursuing action against this monster.  I’m not one to wish ill or harm to others, but that’s one individual I wouldn’t mind seeing get some serious special treatment in the shower.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 253:  Lamarald Cates

Because when a woman calls for help what’s she’s really doing is asking you to rape her, at least according to Milwaukee PD.

h/t Uncle, and Jennifer says something about it here.

*I may take a few days off the criminal count.  This one made me unbelievably angry, upset, and even physically ill.  That such a monster like that could 1) serve, 2) be protected by his fellow officers, and 3) be protected by the local prosecutorial authorities is down right sickening.  Every last one of them shares responsibility.

Warming the Cockles of My Heart

A decent number of you contacted me regarding A Little Taste of Home and I figured I’d give a quick update.

I’ve got new contacts now for soldiers overseas, many of whom are in a position to distribute the coffee amongst their brothers in arms.  I’ve got more addresses coming in daily from other friends and contacts.  I’m thinking at this point I’ll be able to send all the coffee straight out unless some how I get a massive influx.

I did have a question about monetary donations so I can just buy the coffee.  I want to try and set something up this weekend but I can’t make promises.  There’s some legal aspects I need to investigate too on the money front.

If you know someone overseas and want to send them coffee, do it.  My suggestion for the type of coffee is Starbucks Via, especially if they’re in any type of combat position.  Besides, it comes highly recommended by associates of the guy’s were sending it to.

If you want to participate hit up the contact form or send an email to: soldiers.angels at the-minuteman.org and I will add you to the distribution list.  Same goes if you’re a soldier that stumbles across this and would like some coffee.

To those who’ve already signed up to help.  Awesome and thanks.

SSCC #252 – TSA

Imagine that, the only people really shocked at this are the sheep who still think the TSA still has something to do with “safety”.

Authorities say a Transportation Security Administration agent has
stolen $5,000 from a passenger as he was going through security at a New
York City airport.

Now, it was in the passengers coat going through the X-Ray, not in his luggage.  Well I hear a bunch of you crying to maintain possession of the money except the TSA requires people to remove even money belts.  How serious are they about that fact, they forced an elderly woman to remove her back brace, against TSA policy, thinking it was a money belt.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 252: Alexandra Schmid

Because when you’re the creme of the crop and still paid minimum wage, you should take forcible donations from those you rule over.

Gunnie Ground Hog Day

So Jay asks the question:

Well, here’s your chance. If you could re-live one gunnie day over and over, which would it be, and why?

Honestly it’s a very close race.  I’ll tell both the stories and see if you can figure out which wins.

First up is the first time I took the wife shooting.  It was one of our first dates and she shot just about everything I had.  From the .44 Mag revolver, to the M1 Garand, to my little old 10/22.  It was a fun date and I’ve got pictures of it around here somewhere.  It was that date I also decided that I was going to either Bic my head or go with a buzz cut from now on.

The second option is the last time my dad and I went to the range together.  We spent a good chunk of the morning shooting pistol drills switching between the Hi-Standard and 1911.  The uncle I am named after was visiting as well.  We spent a decent chunk of time looking for what was to become my graduation present.  While at the range/gun store I told the clerk I was looking for a Remington 700 VS.  He asked what caliber and I responded, “308 Winchester”.  He promptly responded, “What the hell are you planning on shooting with that!?”  Without missing a beat I replied, “Two legged varmints at 500 yards.”  My uncle and dad burst into laughter.

We found a gunsmith and ordered it about a month later.  We finally picked it up 10 months later on my 19th birthday.  Hell that was a fun day too, but he never got to actually see me behind his gift to me.  I finally got to the range a week before we said our last good byes and handed him a quarter with a nice .30 caliber hole through the middle taped to a paper plate with the date and range of 200 yards.  He just looked up and grinned.

If I had to pick a day, it’s that last day I spent on the range with my dad.  I really miss that.

Ear Worm Wednesday – 2/1/2012

This one’s been making the round on the gun blogs.

Ends up Evyl Robot has a couple signed CDs from Madison Rising.  So what are you waiting for!?  Get over there and sign up!

SSCC #251 – TSA

Remember, they’re only upset with their hired goons employees when they get caught.

A TSA agent at Dallas/Fort Worth International airport was arrested for stealing iPads from checked luggage.

How did this cream of the crop individual who was most highly qualified to work the TSA and protect us from the dangerous terrorists accomplish such a feat I hear you ask.

Police arrested Clayton Keith Dovel, who works in terminal E at the
airport, but unlike the security checkpoints where passengers are
screened, the 35-year-old TSA employee works in an out-of-sight position
in what’s called the “Resolution Room,” where checked luggage is
screened by hand.

X-ray the bag, see an I pad, grab it.  Those bags need extra hand screening you know!  How was it they caught this individual?  It wasn’t the police or the TSA who reacted to the reports of theft and found a correlation.  Nope it was an owner of the iPad that tracked it down.

Another theft victim actually led police to Dovel when he tracked his stolen iPad to Dovel’s home.

Not to mention they caught the man red handed with a stolen iPad while at work.  So how does the TSA deal with these thieving individuals while claiming zero tolerance regarding theft?  You know, other places that have a “zero tolerance policy” and you violate it, your ass is immediately canned.

In a statement, TSA said Dovel is on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

It’s uncertain how many cases Dovel’s arrest might solve or whether the TSA will let him return to a trusted position.

Still think we need the TSA?  It’s nothing but a security theater and a shopping center for a bunch of jack booted thugs to bully, harass, intimidate, and steal from hard working Americans.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 251: Clayton Keith Dovel

Because finding a man with stolen property and numerous separate reports indicating he stole other property is by no means a reason to fire someone, much less suspend them without pay.  Zero tolerance my ass.