SSCC #262–Spokane


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A Spokane police officer fired in 2009 after driving drunk while off duty, hitting a pickup with his truck and leaving the scene of the collision is likely to be rehired and get more than two years of back pay.

Wait, he did what and this is acceptable for a police officer.  Why would they do such a thing?

Bob Dunn, Thoma’s attorney, said Thoma had a disability – alcoholism – that resulted from stress from his job. He argued that the police department knew Thoma struggled with alcoholism and didn’t try to get him help. Thoma filed a complaint about his firing with the Washington State Human Rights Commission soon after he was terminated.

So how much do taxpayers get to pay this criminal?

Thoma also would be paid about $275,000 for back pay and benefits, and the city will pay his attorney $15,000. The back pay is based on the amount he earned as a sergeant.

So isn’t that nice.  Remember if you’re going to commit a crime, become a cop first.  This by the way is the prime definition of a state sponsored criminal count.

State Sponsored Criminal Cop #262: Sergeant Brad Thoma

Because when you commit a DUI and a hit and run and you’re a police officer, just blame it on alcoholism that way you’re disabled.

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