Quote of the Day–Anonymous(03/01/2012)

Life without joy is not worth living and death is not an option for me.

Anonymous – For Your Funny Bone

[That’s a good attitude to have towards life.  Even when life has you down remember this little fact:

For without sorrow and pain, laughter and joy would hold nowhere near the same value.

Along with this story:

A king called his chief advisors into his court to ask their council.  He gave them a charge, to bring him something that would make him happy when he was sad, and sad when he was happy.

The three men bowed and left to work on their task.  They returned two weeks later with a ring.  They handed to the king who then inspected it.  Inscribed within the ring was the following text:

This too shall pass.

The funniest thing about that thread was for the most part it wasn’t really funny other than the initial email and we didn’t really notice until the end.  The thread did go full circle by the way, proving both the above.  -B]

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