In Which I Went To An Alternate Universe

So I was told this by a friend last night and I couldn’t believe it, so he forwarded me the email.

Prof. Schneider has been nominated for the CEA Reid Miller Teaching Excellence
Award, and we want EECS to win.  If you want to help, please send an email to
Cindy Zimmerman at [email protected] by next Monday with a few comments on what
you liked about Prof. Schneider’s teaching (if you liked something).

The same Schneider who students avoided like the plague.  The same Schneider who had students fleeing his classes left and right.  The same Schneider who often doesn’t teach the same class twice because too many students dropped or complained.  The same Schneider who has never worked a day in actual industry and has been teaching his entire career.  The same Schneider who belittled me when I went to his office hours.  Lastly this is the same Schneider who told me I shouldn’t become an engineer.

I don’t think so.  This bugs me so much I’m actually bothering to do a blog post about it.  Think about how badly he must have left a taste if I’m still remembering his attitude from the one class I had from him 7&1/2 years ago.  Many of my friends had other classes from him more recently than that and many had similar experiences.

Know who should be up for that award?  Tim Hanshaw by far he was one of the best instructors I had.  I would work my schedule and course order specifically to get him as an instructor.  His ability to explain the how and why and make the solution to complex problems obvious and simple was fantastic.  He never made his students feel dumb or that they made a poor choice in going into engineering.  Then, to top all of that off, during lectures he would emphasize why something is important by tying it back to real world experience.

Hanshaw is teacher and he does a fantastic job at teaching his students.  Whereas I, along with many other students, look at Schneider as the devil incarnate.  When did I end up in the Twilight Zone?  I suppose it could be worse, they could be putting Alex Dimitrovski up for the award. [Russian Accent]Oh, it’s easy, it’s easy. Popt Quiz![/Russian Accent]

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