SSCC #277–White Plains

The scene when the police arrived was that an old man pressed his Life Alert button, and to which the White Plains police responded to help.  By the end of the encounter, he had indeed fallen and he couldn’t get up. That’s because they put two bullets in his chest.  That’s a very different scene.

This is a prime example of why I have grown very wary of cops.  Yes more often than not I have had good interactions with them.  That said many will jump on the “use force” bandwagon as if that is the only tool in their tool box.

I feel officers created this situation and they aggravated it to the point they had to shoot because it was them or him.  Think about that for a second.  They provoked him into defending himself at which point they could shoot him.

Protect and serve indeed.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 277: Officer John Doe

Because when an old man accidently activates his medical alert it means he really wants cops to come shoot him.

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