SSCC #283–Henderson

This is a bad one…

A federal jury in Memphis convicted Robert Stacy Kilgore Wednesday on four separate charges involving pornographic material he made of a 10-year-old girl and shipped across state lines.

Another predator in a position of trust.  More and more cops will employ force against children who disobey further increasing their compliance due to fear.

At least in this case they put him on trial, but only 30 years for such an abuse of power.  It is disturbing how much people blindly trust representatives of the state just because they’re from the state.  Just because they have a badge doesn’t make them some sort of saint.  They can just as easily be a predator who convinced the state to give him qualified immunity.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 283: Robert Stacy Kilgore

Because everyone’s human and those we give tin badges should be trusted by everyone implicitly without question.

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