In which Sarah Brady Cries

Went to the Nez Perce county gun show this morning in an effort to find a replacement part for the piece that went flying across my shop last weekend.  Upon arrival around noon the place was packed.  While waiting for the line to get in to thin down I snapped this picture with the thought it will make Sarah Brady cry.


Such a wonderful sight to see ammunition companies sponsoring the county fair.  To their credit though they are a direct part of the community. 

Once inside I began my hunt for the parts I was looking for.  No luck, I did get some leads to some online companies to try so I’ll be making some phone calls this week.  There was a wonderful Luger Collection by one of the vendors.


Each a different year and slightly different model.  They were all in beautiful condition to boot.  I remained on good behavior and did as the wife said and left with just what I arrived with since I couldn’t find the part I was looking for.  Given the fact we owe our dear frivolous Uncle who couldn’t spend within his means if his life depended on it this year we are putting cash to the side to cover those expenses.  This tightened the petty cash budget.

I did however see some nice belt buckles which I know the wife wouldn’t mind having:


I’m not sure why he tossed the extra E in there, I prefer the straight People Eating Tasty Animals.  I suspect that PETAs lawyers were possibility involved at one point.  The fact it’s on leather just is extra gravy on top.

From there I grabbed a quick lunch and headed down to the range.

Some other observations though from the gun show.  That place was packed.  Moving around was difficult just because of the number of people.  That was the most women I’ve ever seen at a gun show, and they were there buying guns.  The statement that the number of gun owners is decreasing by the Brady Campaign is them still in the first stage of grief.  That was the most people I’d seen at the Lewiston Gun show in the past year that I’ve been there.

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