Your Morning WTF Moment

Your Morning WTF Moment is brought to you by Visitor #60965.


I know, Rule #34.  For those uninitiated I give you this:


Still, I was astonished at that search phrase.

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TMM is the owner, editor, and principal author at The Minuteman, a competitive shooter, and staff member for Boomershoot. Even in his free time he’s merging his love and knowledge of computers and technology with his love of firearms. Many know his private name and information however due to the current political climate, many are distancing themselves due to the abandonment of Due Process.

2 Responses to Your Morning WTF Moment

  1. Agirlandhergun says:

    Ha! I don’t know how to figure out all the ip addresses and all that, but some of the search words that lead people to my blog are mind boggling.

    • I just have a site meter subscription that gives me all that info.  There is a free version too.  I pay specifically for the search terms mainly because like Joe, I want to see people searching for bad things.  I do post on some subjects that can attract hits for those with not so noble intentions.

      I haven’t needed to report anything yet but all it takes is once.

      I had another blog I ran under a pseudonym for a while, thanks to it’s title it has some quite interesting search phrases for hits.