SSCC #299–Harvey

A federal investigation of the Harvey Police Department found officers engaged in “heavy-handed uses of force that were largely avoidable.”

What kind of avoidable though?

“It is apparent that, at best, some of those incidents could have had a better outcome if the officer had employed different tactics. At worst, some of these incidents constitute prosecutable excessive force,” wrote Jonathan Smith, a Justice Department official.

So in other words they ran home to use of force because they could.  It ends up that at least half of the incidents investigated were all for some form of “contempt of cop”.  It appears that the city of Harvey Illinois firmly believes that their officers should behave like Eric Cartman.  The biggest lesson in this though is that usually corruption like this is systemic and spreads through all areas of the department.

More than 200 untested rape kits were discovered and the evidence led to charges against 14 people — including a sheriff’s correctional officer suspected in a 1997 assault of a child.

So as usual, they protected their own.  Still trust the our fearless overlords?  There’s a reason they’re fearless, it’s called qualified immunity.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 299: The Whole Harvey Police Department (If you don’t want to police your own, you’re culpable.)

Because being a cop means everyone must respect your authoritah, even the little kid you want to abuse.

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