Someone didn’t get the memo…

The Latah County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an early Monday shooting of 28-year-old Kayla M. Sedlacek at a rest area 10 miles north of Potlatch.

The Mineral Mountain rest area has been locked down since deputies responded to the shooting reported around 4 a.m. by the victim, who was shot while inside the women’s bathroom there, said Sheriff’s Lt. Brannon Jordan. He said the woman is a Latah County resident, but would not disclose her city of residence or name at this time.

Yeah, did you see what I saw there?  Evidently someone missed that memo from the Sheriff’s office.

Details are sketchy on what happened currently.  This definitely falls under the “It can’t happen here” column since it was out in a sleepy rural area.  Sadly this appears to be a case which the Brady Campaign would latch on to.  It appears that while using the restroom she was attacked and lost weapon retention and was shot with her own weapon.  However while many would think this could be a random case of violence, it appears not.

The Pullman Police Department has an open investigation into a stalking incident reported by Sedlacek.  Detectives from both agencies are collaborating to determine if any similarities between the cases exist.

Sedlacek believes the suspect in both cases is the same person, whose identity is unknown to her.  Based on this information the Latah County Sheriff’s Office does not believe there is a threat to the general public concerning this event.

Remember, while one would always like to maintain distance between you and a threat, it isn’t always an option.  Be prepared to fight for your weapon and be ready to fight like your life depends on it because it most certainly does.

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