SSCC #300–Portland

This works for #300 quite well.

Ron Frashour, the Portland Police officer who was fired from the force in November 2010 after he shot Aaron Campbell in the back with an assault rifle—killing the distraught, unarmed man outside his home in January 2010—may soon be reinstated into the police force.

According to the Oregonian, state arbitrator Jane Wilkinson ruled in favor of the Portland Police Association and that Frashour “should get his job back.”

Doesn’t that just make you all warm and fuzzy inside.  Cop shoots an unarmed man in the back who was surrendering, doesn’t get charged, gets fired for his negligence, and then the department is forced to rehire him.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 300: Ron Frashour

Because shooting an unarmed man in the back is perfectly acceptable behavior if you’re a cop.  It is sponsored and protected by the state so he need not worry about loosing his job or going to prison for killing someone.

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