On the Blogger Roll

It’s not because I hate or dislike those on my Blogger Roll.  I’ve actually been meaning to go and update it and add those who have added me recently.

For some reason the filter at my place of employment, which as I have stated will remain nameless, has become a bit aggressive.  The upshot was it alerted me to a issue with a friends site

Going back to the filter though, it blocks sites which contain links to sites it has deemed “malicious”.  So in other words my site is guilty by “association” by linking to their “malicious site”.  The thing is that’s a great way to block a bunch of sites merely because they link to what is normally an honest site but has been hacked. 

Well I have discovered that someone in my blogger roll is also one of those “guilty by association” type links.  I think I have found who it is, and I will email them if it’s confirmed tomorrow.  I have reposted the blogger roll with the potential link disabled, if my blogger roll disappears tomorrow it means my hunch wasn’t successful.

That said, my site is currently off everyone’s radar and I’d rather keep it that way, so I’m not about to email to bitch and cause my site to appear on a radar.  I wish there was a utility with this particular filters site to plug in a url and have it list the offending links.  Instead it just blocks, no feedback, and you’re stuck guessing which site is the bad link.  Which is why I’m not a fan of WebSense.

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2 Responses to On the Blogger Roll

  1. MD Willington says:

    This one is also flagged at work.
    The filter is crap, I have seen legit engineering sites blocked as “Adult Material” I have no idea why…