Someone Needs to Be Fired

A 15-year-old Steilacoom girl is kicked off an amtrak train in the middle of the trip to Portland.

It wasn’t because she misbehaved, but because she was too young to travel without an adult. Her parents are furious at the way Amtrak handled the situation and decided to Get Jesse.

Someone was obviously on a power trip.  Whoever thought that was a good idea obviously is a prime candidate to go work for the TSA.  Now someone may say they were right, I however, thanks to personal experience can call total BS on it.

Summer after 5th grade, when I was only 11 years old I rode the train to stay with my aunt and uncle in Salem.  So I rode the train from Tacoma Washington, to Salem Oregon, the same exact train.  Without my parents or anyone else accompanying me.  I was NOT thrown of the train and the conductor saw my parents saying good bye to me as I got on the train.

I swear there are some people in this world who just have absolutely no ability to think whatsoever.  Even if somehow the rules changed, who thinks it’s a good idea to kick a kid off a train anywhere but her destination.

God I hate stupid people.

Update: A friend pointed me to this, informing me that the policy was changed October 2011.

The new policy establishes 13 as the minimum age of an
unaccompanied minor allowed to travel on its trains, the agency

Emphasis mine.  So she was above the minimum age per policy.  I’m also sure said policy says nothing of dumping an unaccompanied minor in a strange place anywhere other than there destination even if this policy is some how violated.

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2 Responses to Someone Needs to Be Fired

  1. TL671 says:

    Makes perfect sense. Much better to leave her unattended in a strange town, than to let her continue her trip.