Three is Two, Two is One, One is None

That is today’s lesson.  We have a special repeater in place for the safety communications.  Can you guess where one became none?

That’s right the repeater crapped out towards the end of the third leg.   We however resulted to other methods and continued communications without serious interruption.

I ended up stepping in a hole that quite literally went to my hip.  From the knee down ended up submerged in water and mud.  Well, I had a spare pair of boots and a pants in my pack.  Two became one.

I had three radios with me, but one proved less than useful given the communications plan.  Three became two.

So yes folk, plan on crap breaking, things going down, and just plain bad things happening.  I got back started working on this blog post while trying to copy the pictures from today.  Well my computer screwed the pooch and attempted to kill the SD card.  It is recovering as I type this.

Last night was interesting in that I had a boat assignment, but no boat.  It was a repeat of last August all over again.  I was not the most enthused.  I got a boat though we got everything hashed out and I was able to meet up on the ramp and get on station.

I lucked out that my station didn’t need to really do any traffic handling since there was a repeater.  Other stations were calling out when boats passed so my life became a simple task of take pictures and track which boats went by.

As we moved towards the third leg the wind picked up and we knew it was going to make it interesting for the boats.  Well it did. The wind almost shoved a boat into a tree stump in the currently very high river.  I do have a nice picture of it but it currently is going through the recovery process.  So no pictures for you tonight.

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