It pay’s to be me…

So I caravanned to Riggins last night with a bunch of EMTs while pulling the trailer. This created one small problem, the trailer where I had been staying wasn’t coming down till today.

Never fear though because the “Risk Manager”, read that as the EMT coordinator, made sure me and my other friends were taken care of. She put us up in the EMT shack which has it’s serious benefits. The biggest of which is a shower and wi-fi. So I had nothing much to do today other than help the EMTs set up a tent in the future.

So when I got back this afternoon and after a much needed nap I finally broke out my computer. I got my SDCard problem straightened out.


Here’s a short quick update from Tuesday on the Snake River. Boat 354 wrecked and wrecked hard. He wrecked as I called him out passing the check point. Thankfully someone else got pictures. We spent the next bit working on clearing the scene while warning other drivers. Boat 11 did a great job and got the boat off the course and out of the rapids. This was the same exact location where TMW acquired her story on Monday.  That’s that boat above.  He was the time leader and he was smokin’ fast… was being the operative word.  So what happened?  This:

4Note I didn’t take that picture, if it was a bit wider you would see me on a boat behind him down stream on the left of the frame.  He looks like he just got some air, which he did.  But that which goes up must come down, and well landing was a bit hard.  Here’s something mid sequence that shows how bad he hit.


In the following pictures you can see he completely goes under water.  The wife got pictures close up of the damage after he returned to Hell’s Gate.  The boat was no longer structurally sound.  The big bummer is he came all the way from New Zealand, however the racers are working on making sure he will be able to run something even though it’s not his own boat here at Riggins.  When I get my hands on the damage pictures I’ll post them.  Suffice it to say, they both got very lucky.  Yeah I admit it’s neat to see it from the impressive forces of nature stand point, but I don’t want to see anyone hurt.  That’s why I’m here.

I’m off to another safety meeting and getting my boat assignment for the next two days.  I’ll try and get another post up tonight.

A big BZ to Mark Sharley on those photos.

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