If I Wanted America To Fail

Via Alan comes this video that is worth watching.  I’ll wait.

Every last one of those things is blatantly visible.  Some of the very young may not get the ice age problem discussed at the beginning so I am going to explain it because I remember it quite well.

When I was in about fifth grade during one of my classes they started pushing a lot of this environmental conservation crap.  The scare at the time was we were all going to freeze to death.  Seriously, I’m not joking, I’m not kidding.  17 years ago I was being instructed in how the horrors of civilization is going to create an ice age that freezes humanity.

When I came home from school and started telling this to my parents, they being the inquisitive type who were interested in what drivel the public school system was teaching their little child, my dad promptly explained that there was more going on.  Not only did he explain it, he found a book that addressed every single one of the “facts” I was being taught in my classes.  It was an eye opener to say the least as I read it.  Then when not even 10 years later I started hearing how we were all going to boil to death I realized what was going on.

Environmentalism is nothing more than modern day religion.  They use fear and guilt to control people, carbon credits are nothing more than a modern day penance.  Tell me, who produces a carbon credit and how?  Think about that long and hard.  It’s a way to funnel money and nothing more.

The lesson of all of this is the following, when someone is claiming the world is going to end if we don’t do “X”, inspect long and hard to figure out how they benefit from “X”.

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5 Responses to If I Wanted America To Fail

  1. RG says:

    Mind if I ask which book your dad found, if you can still remember the title, that is?

    • I’ll see if I can find it.  I don’t remember the title anymore, though it might be in one of my book boxes in the garage, but I doubt it.  When  I moved in 2005 there were a lot of books which I got rid of (sadly).  There’s something I just love about an actual physical book.


  2. damn talk to more scientists… you only see one side of the picture

    • So you’re saying that the people pushing carbon credits (IE drop a penance for your sins) are correct?  Global warming is our fault even though they’re now changing it to climate change.  It’s come out that their function to display global warming will create the hockey stick no matter the data put in it?  I do talk to numerous scientists.  That’s why I call bullshit on doom and gloom.  Carbon credits are nothing more than a non-existent product that someone created to create “regulation”.  Well like un-backed currency, what stops them from just making more credits?  I suggest you try the middle of the road approach too. (Assuming I read your tone right).

      The second I saw the numbers for the amount of CO2 produced by a volcano vs. the estimate of man through all of the industrial revolution I laughed.  Tell me, when are they going to outlaw volcano’s popping their tops?  Not to mention reflectivity is much higher from clouds than CO2.  Again, it’s all those scientists I talk to that I discover this information from.  I also regularly chat with an oceanographer (my old roommate from UW) about this stuff.  Including the cycle of CO2 absorption and release from the ocean which is cyclical.

      My whole point above is when you go and start finding more information you discover that the single set of scientists isn’t telling the whole story. Even more than that, it seems like a lot of them don’t understand correlation != causation in which case they have no business in the field of science.

    • Rolf says:

      I’ve been following the whole global warming thing fairly closely since I got my masters in teaching degree, with a endorsement to teach HS earth science, and science in general. Leaving lots of the details aside, science isn’t about “consensus,” it’s about observable facts and the proper application of mathematics to problem. On the global warming issue, the facts and math are strongly on the side of the skeptics. The mere fact that man-caused CO2 emissions are about the same size at the * uncertainty * in natural emissions should give you pause. The fact that our models are very poor at reflecting observed reality, AGW proponents do everything they can to obfuscate and hide data and methods, the fact that the AGW forcing numbers would certainly lead to a wildly osculating climate, rather than the fairly stable one we have, should give further pause. As a practicle matter, to attempt to do what the most vociferous AGW proponents demand would end civilization as we know it via economic suicide, and directly lead to hundreds of millions, if not billions of deaths in the ensuing totalitarian states.

       In short, it sound like you are only looking at the other side of the picture (at least, if I’m understanding your short, slightly cryptic post aright).