SSCC #310 & #311–Hays County

The attorney representing a former San Marcos policeman tells KVUE News that he is “outraged” that a grand jury indicted his client on a charge of deadly conduct following an incident on a county road last November.

It’s another example of unpossible since these are anointed individuals and properly trained. They would never fire indiscriminately during a road rage incident.  Except that’s exactly what happened here.

The attorney says Dan watched as the occupants of the vehicle tossed “beer cans or bottles” out of their vehicle. His attorney said at one point the SUV turned around at a dead end, and fearing for his life, Dan fired three shots at the vehicle’s tires, apparently missing the SUV. At that time Kathy Misiaszek arrived and in an attempt to stop the SUV, crashed into it.

Here’s an idea.  Since you’re in a private vehicle you leave it to those currently in uniform.  Not only that, but don’t pursue them into box and then use the fact they had to turn around to leave and an excuse of why you feared for your life.  You were in a vehicle, stay in it.  There’s a lot of questionable stuff it in, but the fact is they weren’t in uniform and should have waited for someone in uniform.  Instead they willfully escalated the situation knowing they could rely on qualified immunity.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 310: Kathy Misiaszek

311: Dan Misiazek

Because when you get sideswiped off duty, just shoot his ass when you have a good excuse.

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