Boomershoot 2012–A Quick Rundown

I got home and finished unloading my stuff from the rig.  I’m now beginning to unpack.

Here’s a quick rundown with some pictures from each day.  I’ll be coming back over the next couple days and filling in detailed posts of the major items.

Day 1:

Soaking wet.  Trudging through mud.  Lots of boxes to be assembled.  After which we decided to eat warm food in town.  I loaned Joe the shower in my hotel room so he could warm back up.

Day 2:

Filled boxes with explosives, arranged boxes in the mud for the PRC shooters.


After which we stood out in the cold and wind to run the high intensity event.


I cleaned up after high intensity at entertainingly close distances, evidently the ESS guys filmed my stupidity.  Again more on that later, last night it turned into a two part series.

The minute in-laws were running a bit late.  We were going to meet a group in town for dinner and were running late.  Way late since I looked like I had been rolling around in the mud.

We didn’t have a single seat left in the room we were in.  It was like the pre-Boomershoot dinner that was just a social hour.

Day 3:  I was instructed to guard the pot of gold, Paul Barrett, and ensure he had a good time and enjoyed himself.  He told me that mission was accomplished even with one minor hiccup.


I got both of them on steel at 400 yards and he just barely missed the steel at 630 when it all went south.

I helped with the high intensity again.  After which I stuck around since there was handling of firearms on the range to ensure safety while the ESS folks did some model shooting with Shelly and Anette.

I was chatting with the photographer and he ended up taking some pictures with me as well since I had one box to clean up afterwards.

Day 4:  Woke up way too early, so we could be on the berm setting up targets at 0700.  I was starting to feel all the walking, bending, and repetitive motions associated with the shoot.  I trudged through tossing boomers and getting them staked out.  We did a quick interview with one of the ESS videographers explaining some of the physics, and then Rolf gave an impressive show by juggling the explosives.  Yes this is the same Rolf of “Entertainingly Close”.

We get the boomers laid out, a bunch of guys are working up on the hill and then we get read for the fireball.


Yes that is Ry in the lower right.  His post on the fireball is here.  I will be doing a separate post with TMW’s video here in the near future.  I love that picture because Ry just looks like a bad ass in it.  He lost hair this weekend, I bled a bit.

There were a few exciting events, which I will blog about later.  The most exciting of which however could have ended the event permanently.  Luck prevailed and it didn’t go boom.

After the shoot was over we began the staff cleanup.  There was a lot leftover this year.  It 3 waves of a full high intensity event to get everything cleaned up.  We were exhausted, but I headed down the hill to grab dinner and then go visit with the RNS guys.  As exhausted as I was, we finally left their place about 0100.  I only see them once a year normally so it was worth it.

There were a few other side stories that I’ll be pushing up in the next couple days.  I’ve got a large pile of video and pictures for gun porn too!

So With that I’m going to go continue decompressing.  If I saw you this weekend and looked exhausted, in a rush, or like a man on a mission, it’s probably because I was.  Yes this is a “vacation” but it’s a lot of work and it’s exhausting.  So if you were looking forward to chatting with me more and didn’t get a chance, it’s not because I don’t like you.  It’s because those down times are actually pretty rare and usually done in parallel with stuffing our face.

I know there were a few people who asked me questions, and I’m very glad they asked, I was a little curt and blunt with the answer.  Again, I wasn’t trying to be or sound like a dick, at that point I was starting to seriously shut down.  I would much rather if someone thinks a target is questionable or doesn’t make sense that they ask instead of just shooting at it.  So to the man that asked me about the targets down on the end, hope this helps explain my curt response.

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About TMM

TMM is the owner, editor, and principal author at The Minuteman, a competitive shooter, and staff member for Boomershoot. Even in his free time he’s merging his love and knowledge of computers and technology with his love of firearms. Many know his private name and information however due to the current political climate, many are distancing themselves due to the abandonment of Due Process.

6 Responses to Boomershoot 2012–A Quick Rundown

  1. Well I don’t think you did what I did, I heard “What are you doing” on my left, so I was rolling my eyes and said IIRC “mixing explosives” only to turn to my left and end up staring right at a fuzzy microphone and a camera.. lol my bad!

  2. Agirlandhergun says:

    Looks like a blast:)

    •  It was.  I know Joe and Ry both feel this was the best ever.  Out of the years I’ve been here I’d have to agree.

      There were a LOT of little side stories that work as their own posts so I’ll be adding those over time.  I hinted at some of them.  One story though we added a bunch just for Jay G.

      I left my big camera off my neck for a lot of the time for convenience.  So I used my OK camera phone.  It works, but my D90 is so much better.  So I’m waiting for Rolf to get back with a bunch of pictures he took.

      I also got a new book to read over the weekend.

      • Bill says:

        I would agree it was the best where I’ve participated. Enough weather Friday and Saturday AM’s to let people get a feel for wind reading, with afternoons that were nicer.

        The targets were EXCEPTIONAL! Easily the most consistent that I’ve seen.

        Well done to all!

        •  Yeah, after I got tired of being up on the hill in the morning I pulled out my varminter with 68 grain 5.56 and had fun at 400.  I know there were a few people who were pissed at me for poaching.

          I also went like a zipper and tagged as many as I could as quickly as I could with a single mag.  It was like a rolling wave.

          I’ve gotten good enough that even though I don’t have someone experienced behind the spotting scope, I can get on target with a general idea of the impact point.  It certainly pays to have a good shooter and spotter behind that scope.  Each year my wind reading gets much better.

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