SSCC Honorable Mention–Bogota New Jersey

There is a serious reason I have this count.  The biggest of which is when officers attempt to restrain and police their own this is often the result.

Her first supposed offense – which wasn’t mentioned until after the second – was a failure to assist another officer who was “attacked” by a drunken woman who was roughly half his weight and barely five feet tall. Her second was was to intervene when a police officer from another jurisdiction viciously assaulted an emotionally troubled young man who was not suspected of a crime.

“I consider myself a peace officer,” Tasca told Pro Libertate. “My thing is to help make sure that people are safe, and that they don’t have a reason to fear the police – that we treat them like human beings. The incident that started all of this was one in which I intervened to prevent excessive force against a kid who was the subject of a medical call, not a criminal suspect.”

Think about that for a second.  She did the right thing and what was best for all parties involved and she is being punished for it.  Including in an instance where officers shouldn’t have been involved.  I applaud this woman and wish her the best.  It is a shame that the attitude of her superiors is to use force, even if excessive, whenever possible no matter the reason.

It’s obvious they view themselves as our “betters” and not public servants.

State Sponsored Criminal Count Honorable Mention: Sgt. Chris Thibault and Sgt. Joe Rella

Because they feel they have the right and ability to use force with impunity and no one, not even a fellow officer has the right to stop them.  If they feel someone needs a beat down, by god they will ensure it happens.

h/t Dave Hardy

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