SSCC #322-#324 – Colwyn PA

The current trouble revolves around allegations that three
Colwyn police officers tased 17-year-old Da’Qwan Jackson while he
was handcuffed and locked in a holding cell. A witness to a fight,
Jackson was being held on the usual standard-issue disorderly
conduct charge after refusing to cooperate with investigating
police and crumpling up a citation.

Now you might think, “Maybe they had a good reason.” Sorry to disappoint you.

A YouTube video shows Colwyn Deputy Chief Wendell Reed Tasering
a parking enforcement officer for laughs inside of the borough’s
tiny police department.

Reed was ousted from the department yesterday for the possible
cover up of an incident involving a juvenile who was allegedly
Tasered by Cpl. Trevor Parham while handcuffed in a holding cell
April 24. Parham was previously suspended by Lt. Wesley Seitz for
the incident.

That is the behavior of the chief.  He attempted to fire the whistle blower who brought attention to the abuse.  It appears that the chief has been reinstated and the whistle blower re-suspended.  All at the will of your elected officials.  Think about that for a second, the elected officals are aiding and abetting the behavior of these officers.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 322: Trevor Parham

323: Michael Drucktor

324: Wendell Reed

Because a taser is really just a issued less lethal entertainment device.  You are free to use it however you please, the pain and possible death arising from it is inconsequential.  It’s not as if you intended to kill, harm or maim them.

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