SSCC #325-#327 – Dickson & Fort Lauderdale

Via WizardPC we get two separate but similar incidents.

He not only avoided criminal charges because of this tape, but the tape
has also led to the arrest of an off-duty deputy and one police
department to change its policies.

But remember, the police don’t want you to video tape them while doing their job.  Heaven forbid they be held accountable for their actions.  As Wizard points out it’s not as if there’s a pattern of abuse here… Oh wait.

But a video of their confrontation bore so little resemblance to that
description that prosecutors dropped the case against Baldeo and
decided instead to file charges against Wimberley and Swadkins.

jury on Friday found Wimberley guilty of two misdemeanors for falsifying
his reports. A married father with five years of service as a Broward
deputy, Wimberley faces a jail term of nearly two years when he is
sentenced June 15. Until then, Broward Circuit Judge Ilona Holmes
allowed him to remain free.

Yup, pattern.  I know not all officers do things like that.  What I do not understand though is why there are “good” officers who so abhorrently dislike the public documenting their behavior.  If you’re doing a good job and doing everything right, why would you care?  Yeah, I understand how it can be edited to look bad, just the same it can save your ass.  Also if you have your own video of the incident that helps protect you.  Think about that for a second.  I have my copy of the record and you have your copy of the record.

Personally I would prefer extra documentation of my interactions with the public.  Over time it can paint a clear picture of my attitude and behavior.  That can further protect me when someone creates a statement that is completely out of character.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #325: Scott Hull

#326: David Wimberley

#327: Brian Swadkins

Because it’s perfectly OK to frame someone if you’re an officer of the law.  Even more than that, you’re free to prevent people from documenting the evidence.

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