Quote of the Day – Larry Correia (5/9/2012)

I find it highly ironic that the side that wants to grow a government
enormous enough to take care of everything, control everything, regulate
everything, provide everything, and crush everything thinks of
themselves as freedom fighters, while they say the side that wants to
make government smaller and less capable are dangerous statists… But I
suppose that’s why people came up the term “useful idiot.”

Larry CorreiaHate mail time!

May 7th, 2012

[That right there is QFMFT.  He rips apart another idiot here.  This idiocy of these folks is down right impressive.  It certainly has to be some sort of record.

Honestly I don’t know how we are going to solve this problem.  We have a large group of people who think they are entitled to other peoples property.  They want the state to steal that property for them.  I happen to agree with Heinlein that freedom is found on the frontier.  Because you can uproot and leave when those seeking entitlements start showing up.

I do not understand how people think they are slaves while wanting the state to basically absorb them as property.  My brain goes into an unhandled exception trying to understand that.  I fear that no matter what there will be blood because they’re going to use force to take what they perceive as theirs.  I spent part of my life earning what I have, and you are not going to take my life.  Even the poorest in this country have it better than anyplace else in the world.  For some reason luxuries have become “rights”, what the hell?

I’m going to stop because I feel myself wanting to rant.  All I will say is this.  Where the fuck is Galt’s Gulch?  If you find it, let me know because I want to get away from these parasites.  -B]

Update:  Apparently I’m not alone.

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One Response to Quote of the Day – Larry Correia (5/9/2012)

  1. Lyle says:

    In short, it’s “liberation theology”.  They want liberation from liberty, though they’ll never quite see it that way.  Control of control.  Rights protection as we understand it is, to the leftist way of thinking, “enslavement” .  They want the right to violate rights. 
    That’s another way of defining a pure democracy.  Get enough votes and you get whatever you want.  We see that as tyranny of the majority.  If we try to deny them the goodies they see as their “right”, due to them via the political process, we’re seen as tyrants.  A tax cut, or a “failure” to increase taxes, is actual stealing from them.  You’re taking away their “right” to “invest”.
    That’s a big part of it anyway.  The other main component is the belief that humanity is an ugly stain on an otherwise pristine Earth.  References to “parasite children” and bumper stickers like “Save and Elk, Kill a Land Developer” are inspired by that belief.
    Take the tactic known in political circles as “opposition research” (I largely equate it with Critical Theory) and you have some insight into the mechanism that leads so many young impressionable people to this dark side of thinking.  It is far easier to regard yourself as an open minded, forward thinker if you criticize your country or your whole species.  Keep in mind that anything, no matter how good and wonderful, can be criticized, demeaned and impugned all to hell if you want to do it.  Try it.  Then you’ll have a pathway into the mind of the dark side.