The Dumb Is Strong With This One

Yeah, here’s your laugh for the day.

Police, however, say the 18-year-old walked into the Wilmer Police
Department Saturday evening with a white towel covering his hands.

Police Chief Victor Kemp described the incident saying, “Yeah well, a
young man walked into the lobby and approached the dispatch window
there and told our Communications Officer ‘give me all your money.’”

Son, you just tried to rob a police station.  Where in your mind did you think that was a “good idea”.  You then turned around and said it was a joke.  In what world did that seem like a “good idea” as a joke, which I don’t believe you by the way.

Thankfully no one was hurt, though I do feel like Darwin was prevented from properly cleaning the gene pool.

On a more serious note folks your average criminal isn’t that bright.  Now this one I certainly would think ranks below average, but if they were smarter the would have a job and not be stealing stuff.  The risk reward matrix on a job is considerably better than being a criminal.  Frankly I prefer to continue to tilt the scales on making crime more risky.  Sadly though our government has decided to take these high school drop outs and make them TSA agents to legitimize their criminal behavior.

There’s just no winning for us is there?

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