SSCC #334–Vallejo

Call 911 and kill your dog, at least that’s what happened here.

A Vallejo family expressed outrage Thursday that police shot and killed one of their dogs after it ran toward an officer coming to their home to take a report.

So why was the officer coming to the house I hear you ask.

The incident began at 12:10 p.m. Wednesday when Officer Chase Calhoun went to Erika Gregory’s home to investigate a case of identity theft she had reported, said police Lt. Ken Weaver.

So he opens the gate into the yard and the two dogs come around the corner in what he claims is an aggressive manner.  I know most dogs get upset with strangers but that doesn’t mean that they are going to actually bite and attack unless actually provoked.  The full kicker though:

Gregory, 49, said police had never told her that an officer was coming to take the report, and that she would have kept the dogs inside had she known. Although her dogs are friendly with visitors who are familiar to them, they are protective and will bark at strangers, she said.

However, the dogs have never attacked anyone, Gregory said.

You know, maybe officers should be trained into actually thinking all the way through into determining if something is actually aggressive.  If my neighbors dog gets out of his kennel and starts running at me, odds are I’m not going to shoot it.  Even dogs I’m unfamiliar with, I don’t shoot them.  Unless they have actually attacked something or are attempting to bite me there is no reason.  Is a dog running at you scary?  Yeah, but pull up your big boy pants and stare it down.  Most dogs are not trained attack dogs.  Yes there are reasons to shoot a damn dog, and it seems these bums are never around when it’s necessary.  Even then they didn’t shoot the dog when they showed up, no it was taken to quarantine. 

No this officer is just like every other officer.  Oh god a dog is running towards me, kill it.  The officers story would be believable if it wasn’t for all the incidents of puppycide like this, this, and this, by officers for no actual reason.  Which made the following quote:

Weaver said, “No one likes to use deadly force on a person or a dog. It’s unfortunate circumstances, and we feel for the family. We do feel bad.”

All sorts of ironic.  While shooting a dog isn’t exactly a crime, this happens often enough that it is easily animal abuse.  Doubly so when you also consider incidents like this or this where the dog is still living.  If their dog can maul me and get away with it, maybe they should just stay the hell out of my yard, if they want to talk to me, they can call me out of my house to the gate.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #334: Chase Calhoun

Because as I’ve said before, whenever a cop shows up, a puppy has to die.

Update: I forgot to thank Ry for sending this one in.

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