Quote of the Day–Captain Capitalism (5/21/2012)

It won’t be until there are guarantees enshrined via constitutional amendments that the government cannot confiscate/tax beyond a certain level and that private individuals property and income rights are maintained, that you will get people to start investing in the US again.  And so you can go ahead and come up with all the Keynesian stimulus you want.  The vast majority of the United States’ economic strength will remain dormant, or just outright afraid.

Captain CapitalismUpdating the Factors of Production

May 21, 2012

[I stumbled across this via Kevin Baker and he nails it right on the head.  Go read the whole thing.

Honestly that’s why I don’t work on many of the ideas and pet projects I come up with at home.  There’s no incentive since come tomorrow all my work could just be taken away.  What’s the point?  Why do all that work if someone else just comes along and says thanks and you don’t get so much as a dime.  None of my ideas or projects are things that just generate a quick buck, they take time and effort and frankly I have no interest in investing the time currently.

Why do I not have an interest in investing time, the pay off could be great.  Yeah, but the risk is way too high.  You see instead I could spend that time with my family.  I could spend it on my hobbies.  There is much less risk with those.  For me to invest a lot of my time and effort in something means that the behemoth of government needs to stay the hell out of my way.  Currently I have no guarantee, and even more than that I am hearing nothing but increasing taxes, increasing debt, and how I am fiscally responsible for it.

Yeah, screw off.  I’m not working more than I have to so that some ass-hat in Washington can go spend money he didn’t earn that he obtained at gunpoint from my hard work and effort.  Yeah, I shrug!]

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  1. Williiamfbailey says:

    Governments are designed to steal from taxpayers. Santa Clara Plays Fair is a organization to stop corporate theft like stadium subsidies that bring outsiders from ridden slums to our safe American communities.