Open Carry Weekend…

As usual, nothing happened!  The wife and I went out to lunch after the USPSA match specifically because it was “open carry weekend”.  TMW did it last year as well, for us though it’s really just more of the same.  I normally either open carry or concealed carry, the difference is whether or not I’m wearing a coat.  What was different for today was that laziness won out and I just continued wearing my whole rig after the match.

I snugged down the the holster to increase the retention but didn’t bother changing for a different holster and left the stack of 4 magazines on my left hip.  I know you can barely see the gun, black shirt plus black gun equals find Waldo.


I will say, yes that shirt was picked on purpose… You shoot the paper bastards twice, other wise they call out Charlie Mike, and I don’t know why they call his name so much when I shoot.

The wife was open carrying as well:


I don’t know if Erin has her shirt or not.  If she doesn’t, she should go get one.  No one said anything, I think a couple people noticed and I just smiled as I walked by.  I think for the most part the 4 spare magazines drew more attention that the gun itself.

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3 Responses to Open Carry Weekend…

  1. Davidwhitewolf says:

    Gun? What gun? 


  2. Erin Palette says:

    You wife totally rocks that shirt!  

    I don’t have one yet but I should.

  3. JeanC says:

    I SOOOO want the pwnies shirt!