SSCC #342 & #343–San Francisco

On Friday, federal and state prosecutors alleged that two of the machine-pistol type weapons were sold to Camilleri by a Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy abusing an exemption in state law that lets peace officers buy weapons that are illegal for civilians to own.

See, even those most of the really fun toys are outlawed for civilians in California, police officers are exempt from the ban on fun.  I applaud him for wanting to spread the fun, except for two things.  One it was against the law, what made that person so special. Two, you’re buyer ended up being not exactly one with the most reputable of character.

Now some of the comments are your standard anti-gun rhetoric.

U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner said the pair made thousands of dollars by selling dozens of weapons over four years. Court documents say the men sold exotic weapons including .50 caliber handguns, semi-automatic versions of Uzi-style submachine guns, and pistols that shoot high-velocity ammunition used by the U.S. military.

Pistols that shoot high-velocity ammunition used by the U.S. military, you mean like an AR-Pistol?  Give me a break there sport, this is an effort to wound up some PSH for the anti-rights folks.  Personally I think the officers defense attorney is right in the following statement:

McGowan’s defense attorney, William Portanova, said his client is a gun collector, not a dealer, who may have been confused by state firearms laws that he said are “complex, contradictory and full of silly loopholes.”

“They are so complicated that you can easily break the law without realizing you’ve done that,” he said. “Even a trained law enforcement official can do it wrong, whether he intends to or not.”

Emphasis mine.  Though it appears that these individuals acted as straw buyers, which is already illegal and well known to be bad.  Never the less, ignorance of the law is no excuse, and mens rea has gone the way of the Dodo.  Not to mention much of this confusion and loophole issues were created by anointing law enforcement.  He was exempted from laws others weren’t.  Yeah, this one a sponsored criminal.  Mainly because the onerous gun laws helped create the environment for it to happen.

State Sponsored Criminal #342:  Ryan McGowan

#343: Thomas Lu

Because the law applies to the, not to me.

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