SSCC Honorable Mention–NYPD

Via Ry comes this wonderful doozey.

A 26-year veteran police sergeant was arrested Friday morning by the New York Police Department on charges accusing him of committing computer crimes dangerous to minors, city police said.

Sgt. Patrick Rosney, 53, was arrested Friday morning when he arrived for work at police headquarters. He was handcuffed while in uniform.

It appears in this case he is not being given any quarter and this has earmarks of moving into the Accountabilibuddyable realm.  As he was only suspended, at least without pay, I’m not quite ready to stack it in that realm.  It does have the certain possibility of making it though.

Given the previous incidents involving cops and children on the count, this is still an honorable mention.

State Sponsored Criminal Honorable Mention: Patrick Rosney

Because the best part of being a cop is all the little girls trust you.  That is except the guy that on the other end of the conversation who’s also a cop.

*As I said, some times I’ll do them on the weekend when it really pisses me off.

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