This is Never a Good Thing

Yeah I’m going to probably be offline tonight.  I left work about an hour early because the wife called…  I won’t say what exactly happened but there was a large amount of water that was dumped into our laundry room.  It was not a failure of the washing machine either.

By the time I got home the wife had most of it cleaned up.  Some of the awaiting laundry soaked up a good majority and acted as a barrier to the far side of the room.  However it got into the carpet outside the laundry room and it appears it got behind the furnace though in very minor quantities.  What isn’t comforting though is I found two holes that head into the crawl space that were not thoroughly sealed.  The wood I could feel felt damp.

I have baked  the wood dry with a hair dryer, as well as dried out all the floor molding.  The wife is continuing to hit everything with more heat to help dry it out.  The faster the better. 

I have the thermostat set to 90 to try and help dry things out further.  The humidity in the house is slightly higher than the usual 20% and that’s thanks to the weather.  The humidifier is off and the temperature is rising quite rapidly in the house.

I suppose this is a good time to mention, I’m not a heat person.  I hate the heat and much prefer the cold.  As I say, I can always put on more clothes but there comes a time where I will either be arrested or have nothing else left to take off… both of those occur at the same time interestingly enough.

I will say this has confirmed my plan that if I ever build a house, the washing machine and by proxy utility sink will have sloped concrete floor with a central drain.

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4 Responses to This is Never a Good Thing

  1. John Hardin says:

    …if I ever build a house, the washing machine and by proxy utility sink will have sloped concrete floor with a central drain.

    AMEN to that, brother! Our washing machine did blow the main tub seal with a full load. The (fairly briefly) standing water warped a bunch of hardwood floor outside the laundry room and leakage down around the dryer vent soaked a bunch of stuff in the storage room beneath.

    Floor drains in the laundry room and under the dishwasher and refrigerator in the kitchen!

  2. Agirlandhergun says:

    That stinks!!!!

    • Hopefully it doesn’t begin to stink literally.  The water involved came out of the fish tanks.  I don’t know exactly how much went out of the sink as opposed to down the drain but it was a decent amount.

      Luckily we got it cleaned up immediately.  The carpet is already dry and no moisture coming up from the pad.  I dried out around the furnace and it ran for 5 hours straight last night.  We were cycling the windows open and closed to raise the heat and then drop the humidity.  Outside thankfully the humidity dropped into the 25% range last night so when the house got into the 50% range, we opened the house to drop it back down.

      By the end the interior humidity wasn’t rising that fast.  We’re going to get a small dehumidifier to put specifically in the laundry room to help bring the humidity in that room down and bake it some more again tonight.

  3. Lyle says:

    “…if I ever build a house, the washing machine and by proxy utility sink will have sloped concrete floor with a central drain.”

    Bingo.  House design is often pathetic, to kind about it.  Common sense isn’t really all that common.  Bajillions of homes have been severely damaged by broken washer hoses and the like.  Upstairs bathrooms are another one.  We have two of those, one being right above the “piano room”.  Yeah.  It’s nice to have a bathroom as part of your master bedroom suite, but they all leak eventually.  If we tear out the cielings and put in water control, some thousands of dollars later we may have something resembling common sense.