Combining Hobbies…

So I have a friend who likes building model airplanes.  I like building model airplanes.  I also like building control systems.  I don’t think either of us remembers exactly how it started but there was mention of building a scaled replica of a B-29 and dropping an egg.

To which I replied that if we were going to drop an egg, given all the technology we could try and be reasonably accurate from a couple hundred feet with it.  Then I realized that we could go one step further and make it a full blown UAV.

Then his dad had to send him this video:

See, that’s a 1/5 scale B-29 and holds the world record for largest R/C aircraft.  Well that just answered the question of how big we need to go… The answer is 1/4 scale.  Now I wonder if I can get any 1/4 scale radial engines for this puppy.

We’re also going to work on making it exceedingly light for a decently sized payload.  We have other plans for the system as well.

I’m wanting to make the system much more automated only requiring direct human control for takeoff and landing.  The other side of this is I want the cockpit to be a computer instead of your standard radio controls.  It would take a minimum of two pilots to fly it by regular controls so,  my solution is to make it just like a drone cockpit.  That way he has everything at hand and doesn’t have to maintain constant pressure for all the controls.

Note while doing all this, I want to make it cheap, easy to reproduce, and compact enough to put in smaller aircraft.  I have other uses for such a system, so would some of my friends.

So I have yet another fun side project to work on.  We’re building a much smaller test bed version first.  Good thing I know someone with an electronics company.

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6 Responses to Combining Hobbies…

  1. Tango ognaT says:

    I’m not seeing a video.  Tried FF and Chrome.

  2. TL671 says:

    Moki makes several 5 cylinder radials from 150-400 cc’s. The plane in that video was marginally powered by 4 100cc single cylinder two strokes.

    RCS makes a range of engines in about the same size, but they make a 7-cylinder 250cc radial.

    These engines end up sounding rather scale, because they turn faster than the full scale, so it sounds like more cylinders running.

    • Well, this is going to be a VERY long project cycle.  The engines would work wonderfully, just damn, I can think of many other toys I could get at that price.  Though I must admit the idea of remote launching an X-1 would be awesome, it would be a guided missile… 🙂

      Me thinks I’ll make a much smaller cheaper electric test bed first.  Then for the sake of taking the record build the big bad bastard.

      I wonder if I can get them to drill a hole in the center of the shaft through the radial.  I’d have to see their specific design, but if I had a shaft hold I could put in a constant speed variable pitch prop.

      As you can tell, I’m saying screw KISS on the final version.  By god if you’re gonna do it, go for the gold!

  3. Rolf says:

    I see a fireball drop in your future 🙂