SSCC #345–Davidson Co.

Via WizardPC comes this tale.

Now, Minick’s widow and mother are filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Nashville, the Metro Police Department, sheriff’s office, the hospital and the deputies, claiming false arrest, false imprisonment, cruel and unusual punishment and inhumane treatment.

But no crime was committed, according to investigations by Metro Police, the sheriff’s department and the grand jury. They concluded that deputies used proper force in restraining a violent man in a hospital.

This is a nasty one.  Why?  Because honestly as we’ve seen lately people do get that violent while on drugs.  It is a chaotic scene that is dynamic and while one may not intend for something to be lethal it does happen.  I think in this case, it’s a very grey area where blame cannot be clearly established.  So why would I include it in the count?

The answer is simple, they investigated the incident themselves.  That does not bode well for the departments faith that their officers did no wrong.  If they really had faith they would call in an independent third party.  Am I really that wrong when the FAA and NTSB did exactly that recently?

The midair collision of two small planes about 50 miles from Washington is under investigation by Canadian officials because one plane was owned by an FAA employee and the other by an NTSB employee, federal officials said Tuesday.

Why not ask the state patrol, or another county to investigate the incident.  It would have helped keep the whole incident on the up and up.  Instead they investigated themselves, when honestly an external investigation is the only way they could have had a prayer of actually surviving.

State Sponsored Criminal #345: John Doe

Because that independent third party thing is never needed unless both parties involved are “anointed”.

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