Warming the Subcockels of my Heart

Via Uncle I found this post on ARfcom.

But why would I post this under accountabiliabuddible?  This text is why:

Just got back from talking to the detectives. They wanted to record my
side of the story as a witness. They asked me if I had heard them say
they were Sheriff’s, I said yes they did 2 or 3 times. They asked if I
heard them say stop resisting, I said yes I heard them 2 or 3 times.
They asked if I thought they were being too rough, I said not at all.
They asked what I had said when the girl said “he’s not resisting” and I
answered saying “I told her he is resisting twice.” They also asked if I
thought he was resisting, and I said definitely, he would have been in
custody in 2 seconds if he wasn’t.

They thanked me for being such an awesome witness and being on their
side, otherwise that girl could testify saying that he was not
resisting and hurt their case. One of them ended up with a sprained or
broken finger. They said it probably won’t go to court, but if it does
they will likely have me testify.

That’s the thing about people recording interactions with the police.  I have no horse in the race.  While I do run the criminal count, I would be as pleased as punch if the day came and I couldn’t get new material for it.  I am more than happy to hold officers accountable, not just for their bad actions but their good ones as well.

The video in this case both corroborated the officers statement, as well as the witness statement.  It was good for the officers, not bad.  The only officers who would fear video like that are one’s breaking the rules on a regular basis.  The bad part about breaking the rules is when the time comes you do need to do something for real, you’re liable to shoot yourself in the foot because you’re “trying to protect yourself.”

I applaud the officers for their professional conduct.  It made this case clear and concise and helped prevent false claims from putting them in the count which I wouldn’t have liked.

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2 Responses to Warming the Subcockels of my Heart

  1. Weerdbeard says:

    Recording the cops is a win win.  It helps show when good cops are doing good, and it puts hard evedence of bad cops doing bad and helping them get removed from the pool.

    The only bad effect is things like the Rodney King video where it only shows PART of the interaction.  Which is even more a reason for cops to encourage recording, and do all they can to get documenting devices on and around on-duty officers.

    The only people who don’t like recording are bad cops, or criminals trying to lie their way out of a good collar.

  2. Old_NFO says:

    Excellent one! 🙂