SSCC #366 – Henrico County

A bereft Henrico County family says its son died near Cool Lane, robbed of his life and $15.

“He’d taken the bus up to my place to borrow the money last night; he just wanted a video or something,” said Henry Hamiel.

I already hear you asking how this could be a state sponsored criminal, it starts off as an everyday crime.  The police weren’t involved and were merely investigating the death.

The unidentified officer and a detective had arrived at the home to notify family members that Ellerbe had been killed. His body was discovered shortly after 6 a.m. Wednesday, face down near an alley.

The pitbull ran from the backyard of the home toward at least one officer, who pulled his weapon and shot the dog in the home’s front yard, according to Ellerbe’s sister, Latoya.

“They had told me my brother was dead and I’d come out back to cry on the porch and Tiger must have heard them. He ran into the front yard and the officer shot him,” LaToya Ellerbe said.

Let me get this straight.  A young man was killed, over the money in his wallet. You travel to the home to inform the family, and then to add insult to injury, you shoot the young man’s dog.  You shoot his dog, YOU SHOOT HIS !@#$ING DOG.  (Stops and spends 5 minutes saying woosah, remember the pressure points).

What in the name of god were you thinking.  Maybe you should back off, yell up to the house, even try calling them on the phone.  This is the 21st century, you do have a phone don’t you?

No instead you walk up to the house, invading the dogs territory, you see it running at you, and assume it is going to attack you.  You then plug the dog with a couple new holes with a lead slinging instrument and then tell the family, “Your son’s dead. BAM BAM, oh was that his dog?  Yeah, you’re gonna need to bury him too.”

If I walk up to someone’s house and someone’s dog runs at me, I don’t just get to shoot it and claim self-defense, neither does the mailman.  So why do these people get a sudden free pass to shoot any dog they want.

State Sponsored Criminal #366: Officer John Doe*

Because the correct way to inform someone that their son is dead is by shooting the boy’s dog first.  Nothing say’s I’m sorry for your loss than killing the family pet.

h/t Patrick at Popehat

*If you find it contact me, I want his name for the count.

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4 Responses to SSCC #366 – Henrico County

  1. Old_NFO says:

    Damn, just DAMN…

  2. Pyrotek85 says:

    What in the name of god were you thinking. Maybe you should back off, yell up to the house, even try calling them on the phone. This is the 21st century, you do have a phone don’t you?”

    This. It’s like they don’t even try to seek an alternative method. When my grandfather was an officer, police spent a lot more time mediating and working out problems, they weren’t a one trick pony where they shoot at the first sign of trouble. Apparently they don’t teach them conflict resolution anymore.

    • Truth, I’ve felt the exact same way for a while. They never try and talk it out mediate. At the first sign of “non-compliance” they resort to force and continue to escalate until compliance is achieved.

      Best way to resolve a conflict is with bullets according to the police. Hey maybe that’s why the Brady Bunch keeps preaching blood in the streets, they think the general populace will behave like cops.

  3. Howie Honky says:

    I’m one of them funny redneck kind who think of my dawgs as family; and if some sonofabitch wants to harm one of my animals, I don’t give a rat’s ass what he’s wearing or carrying, I WILL put the sonofabitch down hard. I have had problems with agent orange crap since a couple of years after Nam, and don’t reckon I got that many years left anyway, so i don’t really give a fuck. You want dead, mess with my family, two legged or four legged.
    Goddam bastard.