SSCC #476 – Berry Hill

A Berry Hill Police Officer has been arrested in Murfreesboro on five counts of sexual exploitation of a minor charges. The 56-year old was arrested on Friday afternoon. Originally when the story first aired, WGNS only told you about one charge of sexual exploitation, it was later confirmed that White faced five counts of sexual exploitation of a minor charges.

Often children are told to trust police officers to the point of unquestioned faith.  People forget that sometimes the most evil monsters find ways to hid in plain sight.

State Sponsored Criminal #476: Robert White

Because there could be no way that evil could hide among the good.


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One Response to SSCC #476 – Berry Hill

  1. Lyle says:

    The best places to find pedophiles would be in the staff of summer camps, schools, churches, parks, et al. Any position of power where they’ll have better access to their prey. Anyone who would want to disagree in any way will have to explain why the lion never hangs out at the watering hole.